Sorry I haven’t been posting guys, I’m on the most shitty vacation and we have no wifi! I will be back tomorrow night though! 

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That gifset I reblogged this morning reminded me that I’d saved this interview in my watch later list and never actually got around to watching it. Oops!

In addition, I appreciate all the closeups the cameraman decided to put in there. LOL!

@ ParisHilton: #GoodTimes celebrating with the #BirthdayGirl @ AlanaKleiman @ MacfarlaneSeth @ EmmaRoberts6 & @ CadeHudson22.

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'tell us a little something about yourself'


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Last night I had a dream that I met Seth. In church.

That’s how I knew it was a dream, because Seth probably hasn’t been in a church in years.



I knew he was crazy talented. I play a little bit of piano, but it’s not my instrument. But I write on it, so I kinda bang around, ya know. I was playing a song and I really couldn’t get through it and Seth said "Well… I guess I can get through it." I said, "Oh I didn’t know you can play piano." He said, "Oh, I don’t. I just taught myself." And he sits down and plays like this concerto with all these runs and just incredible technique. I said "What do you mean you don’t play piano?" - Joel McNeely

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I think sooner or later Seth Macfarlane is going to have to get his shirt off for everyone to see! ;)